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Together, We Create!

Together We Create

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Are you a small business owner? If you are, you understand the challenges that small business owners face in the modern day. Raise your hand if you could use a little help.

The business market is rapidly changing. We, as small business owners, need to adapt with it.
Product-based small businesses face the challenge of competing with large corporations who are able to purchase goods in bulk at a significantly lower price-point. Service-based businesses face the challenge of getting customers to come through the door. Storefront-based business have high operating costs due to the rising costs of leased real estate. And, property owners pay high property taxes, must keep their property maintained and, in many cases, are required to keep their buildings up to code.

What steps can we, as small business owners, take to compete in the modern-day world of business? First, and foremost, we can help each other. Let’s face it: American small business owners rely on corporate America. I’m sure I’m not the only small business owner who purchases business supplies through Amazon Prime. Honestly, I enjoy the large selection of products and the quick shipping, especially since some of the supplies I use for my art classes are not available locally, and if they are, they are not available within my own city. I have to drive a distance to purchase them.

So, how do we help each other? Some of our local small businesses help me save time by providing products and services when I don’t have time to provide them for myself. For example, a local Thai food restaurant, Gor Gai Thai, is a favorite go-to of mine because they serve a dish that I absolutely love and is easy on my allergies. If I haven’t had time to pack a lunch, and I am hungry during the day, I know I can get a meal packed with protein, the food will be delicious, and the service will be fast. I can either walk to the restaurant and eat there, or order ahead and bring the food back to my desk.

I can help your small business, too. I provide mobile art classes. I can help your business by providing team-building activities. I offer a service that can help you bring more customers to your place of business. I will customize art events for your business. Please, reach out to me.

Let’s chat and let me show you how my business can serve you.

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